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Camden First United Methodist Church

Nov 18, 2022

There is a section of Matthew that begins in Chapter 19:16 and concludes with this parable. Matthew is trying to help us community understand that when we are a part of the Kingdom of God, our actions are not just individualistic; they are communal. This is a difficult understanding in our society. God does not live by...

Nov 17, 2022

A last look at mistruths about the Old Testament in Professor Strawn's "Lies My Preacher Told Me": that the Old Testament law was an impossible burden and that the only thing that matters about the Old Testament is that it is all about Jesus.

Nov 11, 2022

Today, we will look at the sheep versus the goats. Why did Jesus praise one and condemn the other?

Nov 11, 2022

Is the Old Testament spiritually enriching and practically relevant? A look at chapters 7 and 8 of Brent Strawn's "Lies My Preacher Told Me."

Nov 6, 2022

How do we deal with all the violence in the Old Testament? Did David write the Psalm? Lesson 3 in Brent Strawn's "Lies My Preacher Told Me."