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Camden First United Methodist Church

Feb 25, 2023

We can become irresistible Christians as we learn to treasure the poor. Week Eight in Scott Saul's "Irresistible Faith."

Feb 23, 2023

We love to procrastinate. We can call it a reaction to stress or anxiety but it is there in our lives and in our communities of faith. Paul calls us to have a sense of urgency instead.

Feb 19, 2023

Paul is trying to help us learn to discern what is going on which is often more than what meets the eye. Here he reminds us that when we become a disciple we enter into a relationship and what we do becomes not just about me but about us.

Feb 18, 2023

How do we "prove" the Resurrection? A look at becoming an irresistible Christian community that lives the Resurrection, our 7th lesson in Scott Sauls Book, "Irresistible Faith"

Feb 12, 2023

Today we will explode the Eighth Chapter of I Corinthians to see how Paul applies the theological context he laid out in chapter 1-4.