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Camden First United Methodist Church

Feb 26, 2024

In the 13th chapter of Luke, Jesus is standing on the Mount of Olives, looking over the Kidron Valley to the Temple Mount. There, he expresses a deep lament for the past, present, and future of Jerusalem. Today, we lament how our world has changed.

Feb 22, 2024

The first Sunday of Lent always includes a the story of Jesus in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. Why? The temptations of Jesus mirrors the temptations that snag us all - appetite, status, and control.

Feb 12, 2024

Today, we look at the Transfiguration story. We usually emphasize the glory shone but maybe we need to listen to what god has to say.

Feb 5, 2024

This week we explore Luke's Sermon on the Plain which is similar to Matthew's Sermon on the Mount but abbreviated and given to the disciples, not to thousands. If you choose to follow Jesus, you are expected to take a different direction in the way you live life. Discipleship is caring for your neighbor's well being as...