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Camden First United Methodist Church

May 26, 2019

The Book of Revelation can be very confusing unless you are an Old Testament biblical scholar and are familiar with the images used. As we approach the final battle of good versus evil, you need to understand that each section is a retelling of the same story and while the names may change, the story does not because...

May 20, 2019

John takes us through three visions regarding the battle of good versus evil. When good wins in heaven, the dragon is thrown to earth. There, it creates two beasts - one military and one economic propaganda. Both beasts demand absolute loyalty to the dragon. For early Christians in the first century, the personification...

May 13, 2019

As the seven seals are broken, we see life as it appears on this earth - war, conquest, famine, death, and martyrdom. The sixth seal launches the Day of the Lord where God comes to earth and sets all things right. John stops there to answer the question, "Who can stand on the Day of the Lord." The answer comes with the...

May 6, 2019

Who is worthy to open the seal of the scroll. John weep until the angel announced that the Lion of Judah is present. Yet what John sees and different from what John hears and that changes everything.