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Camden First United Methodist Church

Oct 31, 2020

This week Ellen will explore the parables of the treasure and the pearl from Matthew 13. What do you think about when we talk of hidden treasures or valuable pearls?

Oct 30, 2020

It is curious to me how generous we are with the people who entertain us and how stingy we are with the people that serve us. There are ball players who may only work for fifteen minutes of a three hour game and yet they make the same or more money than the guys who are on the field the entire game. And yet, in...

Oct 23, 2020

This is the 8th and last sermon from our series on Forgiveness and the first sermon on our series of Parables in Matthew. It starts with a question, "How many times do I have to forgive?" It ends with always. Forgiveness is something that teaches us how to love our neighbor and how to love ourself.

Oct 23, 2020

Fig trees are intended to bear fruit. It is why you planted the fig tree and cared for it. But what if it never bears fruit? Every church should ask themselves this questions as well. This week Ellen talks about the barren fig tree.

Oct 18, 2020

There are times when we raged against injustice or other horrific events that occur but we cannot allow that rage to turn us into those we rage against. We cannot dehumanize those who dehumanize others.